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Read below to learn How It All Works so you'll know what to expect from our pet care services every step of the way!

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how it all works

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contact us

Do you think we are the cat's meow? Click “Here” to sign up for an account with us in five minutes or less. After we receive your information we will contact you to set up a meet and greet meeting. Please note that there is an account registration fee of $20. This fee goes towards:

  • In-person Meet and Greet Meeting (30 minutes)

  • In-person tutorial on how to use your online account to request or cancel services, update your pet's care information, pay invoices, and much more.

  • A metal engraved pet ID tag that has our contact information on it (Keep this on Fido in case he ever gets away from you, the person who finds them can contact us if you cannot be reached). Additional tags available for $2

  • A household pet emergency plan and resources for you to customize to fit your needs

  • A window decal that alerts emergency personnel that you have pets in your home (they need rescuing too!)

  • A key lock box for securely storing your keys while you use our services. Keys may also be kept on file with us at our secure office (Not applicable for home boarding clients).

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schedule a meet and greet

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Clients

This meeting is all about getting to know you and your pets at your home! We want to learn as much about your pets as possible; where all their supplies are kept, their mealtime routine, where Fido likes to be walked, how Fluffy likes to have her chin scratched and any other details you would like to share with us. We will also go over paperwork, medications, pick up your keys, record your emergency contact's information and other details. This meeting should take approximately 30 minutes (longer meetings will be charged at normal visit prices).

Click here to sign up for an account with us. We will contact you within one business day to set up a meet-n-greet.

Home Boarding Clients

During this meeting you and your pets will meet with one of our home boarding specialists at their location. They will ask you all sorts of questions regarding your pet's preferences for mealtime, exercise and potty routines, what toys they like to play with, if they like to sit on the couch or if they prefer to sleep on a bed. Our home boarding specialist will also get to know your pet's personality by playing with them, spoiling them with treats (with your permission of course!), ear scratches and belly rubs. This meeting should take approximately 30 minutes (longer meetings will be charged at normal visit prices).

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schedule services

During our meet and greet meeting we will give you a comprehensive, in-person tutorial on how to use your online account to request services. Already have dates in mind for when you will need our services? We would be happy to schedule your request on the spot during our meet and greet meeting. If you would like to request services later on, simply use your online account to request services from any smart phone, tablet or computer. Once we confirm your reservation we will send you a confirmation email with the exact dates and times you requested. Confirm that all details are correct and then we will send you an invoice prior to the first day we provide services.

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before you leave

A few days before we are scheduled to provide services, we will contact you by phone or email to again confirm reservation details and go over any last-minute details or notes you would like to add. Don't forget to let your veterinarian and emergency contacts know you will be out of town and to let your veterinarian know that we have permission to bring your pets in if there is an emergency. Remember to pay your invoice with us prior to the start of services to avoid late payment fees.

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while you are gone

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your time away! We will lovingly care for your pets and send you updates by email or text after every visit that will describe in detail what activities your pet(s) enjoyed while we were with them. Each update will also include a picture of your pet(s), and GPS check in/out confirmation (only pet sitting and dog walking clients eligible for GPS confirmation). If at any time you would like more details on how your pet(s) are doing, feel free to give us a call!

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when you return

Say hello to your happy pets! While they enjoyed seeing our staff while you were away, they will be ecstatic to see you upon your return. Check over any notes our staff may have given you and let us know within 24 hours if you have any questions or concerns. For pet sitting services, confirm that your home and property are in the same condition as when you left. On our last visit we clean the areas around your pet's litter box, food bowls and any other areas they have access to that may have become dirty while you were gone. If you notice that your pet's living areas do not look the same or better than before you left, contact us immediately.


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