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what we do

Sitting Pretty provides quality pet care in your home or one of ours. Currently, we serve pet owners in Auburn and Opelika, Alabama. New locations will be announced at future dates. We align our business model and best practices with top tier pet care professionals across the United States.


why choose us

Sitting Pretty has decades of combined pet care experience. We have researched and developed best-in-class practices to handle normal care and any emergency situation that might arise. This includes training all of our employees in pet first aid care and pet CPR. Because we value your pets and property so highly, we are covered by the most comprehensive insurance and bonding in the industry. We're experts in personalized service, too. Whether you want additional status updates, more playtime or personal errands completed, just ask and we can make it happen.


our mission

Sitting Pretty will be the premium provider of pet care services in every community we serve. Providing best-in-class care that caters to you and your pets is what we do – and how we are held accountable every day.


our values

We care for every pet with the same love and attention to detail that we offer our personal pets. We will always strive to be professional, compassionate, honest, reliable, prepared and environmentally conscious.



Sitting Pretty guarantees that your pet will receive expert and personalized care from our professionally trained pet care associates. We will keep you informed and provide a visit report after every service is completed.


our history

Sitting Pretty is owned and managed by Katrina English (Kat). She founded the company in 2013 while earning undergraduate and graduate degrees from Auburn University. Kat is trained in Red Cross First Aid, Pet First Aid, CPR, and Pet CPR and has extensive, hands-on experience as a veterinary technician. Kat began professional pet sitting in 2004 in her hometown of Hemlock, NY. Since then, she has cared for animals ranging from dogs and cats to farm animals, tropical fish, snakes, sugar gliders and birds of all species and size.  She is the proud owner of a Whippet/Saluki named Nova, a Mini Australian Shepherd named Reign and a Cockatiel named Ray.

Kat oversees a comprehensive training program that she developed to ensure her employees deliver best-in-class pet care. Every employee undergoes a rigorous, in-person interview, reference checks, and background check, along with comprehensive training in Pet CPR, First Aid and on-the-job practices. Our registered clients can access a full background report on each sitter’s bio and training history.


your pet's experience


While using our services, your pet will enjoy care catered to their unique personality and needs. Is your pet anxious or fearful of new people? We are trained on how to approach and comfort anxious pets to minimize stress and anxiety while you are away.  Does your pet have medical needs regarding restricted exercise or daily medication? Our pet care associates have extensive training on common medical conditions and administration of various types of medications. We will follow your instructions precisely. Does your pet have specific hiding spots or areas in the yard where they like to do their “business?” We are happy to meet your pet where they feel safest and make their comfort and routine our priority.


what makes us different

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more advantages for you


We put the safety, well-being and happiness of you and your pets above all else. We use the following practices to help pets feel like you never left home.

  • Our pet care associates (excluding home boarding services) are employees, not independent contractors (ICs). That means we maintain full control over what, when, where, and how our sitters provide care for you. Companies with ICs do not have this control. They cannot train, direct or instruct ICs in any way; their ICs can even contract your pet care to another person without the company or the pet owner ever knowing.

  • Service confirmation emails guarantee the scheduled dates/times are correct.

  • Dogs are always kept on leashes when going outside for a walk and never allowed contact with other animals or people.

  • 100% one-on-one dog walks and pet care. Dogs from different families are never walked together (excluding home boarding services).

  • One-on-one play time with each pet, every time we visit.

  • Updates after every visit: See pictures of your pet playing or getting some TLC from our pet care associate. Receive confirmation by GPS that we were at your location for the entire length of the visit. Want us to take Fido on a walk? we offer GPS walk route tracking. Get written notes on your pet’s activities and updates on package deliveries, house/property conditions and more.

  • Do your pets have different types of food or care instructions? We explicitly follow all directions and scheduling needs for every pet, every time.

  • All gates, doors and alarms are triple-checked to ensure property and pets are safe and secure.

  • Complimentary mail pickup, plant watering, bird feeder refill and trash receptacle put out/brought in from curb.


staff training

Every Sitting Pretty employee goes through a rigorous training program that includes the following topics:

  • Pet CPR and First Aid: How to recognize and react to an emergency, perform CPR and properly care for wounds, burns and other physical injuries.

  • Emergency Preparedness: Review company emergency plan that addresses how to respond to every potential type of emergency.

  • Pet Behavior: How to read dog and cat body language to know when they are afraid, stressed or anxious and how to address each situation properly.

  • Medication Administration: Injections, pills, topical ointments and more.

  • Pet Toxins: How to identify pet toxins including medications, plants, chemicals and foods. How to address emergency situations where a pet may have come into contact with a toxin.

  • Property Security; How to perform a property and home security check and take steps if a problem occurs.

  • Pet Nutrition: What kinds of foods are appropriate to give each type of pet.

  • Biosecurity: How to prevent the spread of disease and the steps to take to avoid such issues.

  • Much more!

All employees receive ongoing training including “topic of the month” training and opportunities to learn with area pet and animal care professionals.



Sounds like we're too good to be true, right? 
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