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Policies and Procedures

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Initial Consultation

We will provide all new clients with a free consultation visit (maximum 45 minutes). We take detailed notes that allow us to provide care without further instruction unless care procedure changes so subsequent meetings made at the request of the client will be charged at a rate of $10 for each 15 minutes. If the sitter assigned to you is changed or you would like to meet a sitter that will be providing you with care, you can request a brief meeting with the sitter at no cost to you.

Address Changes/New Pet Additions

There will be no charge for address change or new pet addition meetings. However, we ask that you give us as much notice (minimum 3 days) as possible to schedule a meeting to go over care as last minute meetings may not always be possible. 


-Client must notify us of any changes in pet care, property access or personal information prior to the start of services

-Client must notify us that they would like to take advantage of our complimentary services (mail/package retrieval, plant watering, garbage put out/brought in) by the start of services.

-Please notify us if a third party (lawn care, friend, relative etc.) will be present on your property at any time while we are providing services. It is against our policy to share pet care responsibilities with a third party (another pet sitter, neighbor, friend or relative etc.)

-No visiting pets allowed. Notify us of any new pet additions prior to your departure so we can schedule a new pet meeting if necessary.

-Pet care visits can be scheduled using one of the following methods:

  • Phone (no text reservations/cancellations please) 334-758-0033
  • Client Portal (Click on the button at the top left of this screen)
  • This website (schedule services tab)
  • Email (

Visits should never be scheduled through our employees.


-Payment is due prior to the start of services, except dog walking which is due the 10th of the month for the preceding month's services.

-For service dates that include a holiday, a 50% deposit of the entire service period is required to make a reservation.

-Payment options include: PayPal, credit card via client portal, cash, or check (please leave these in a sealed envelope for our sitters to pick up)

-Our "Services" tab on this website lists all our most recent pricing information.

- A finance charge of 20% will be added to unpaid balances after 30 days and every 15 days thereafter.

-A $20 service charge will be added to all returned checks.


-Our pet sitting cancellation policy is as follows:

  • <24 hours notice: No credit given
  • 0-48 hours notice: 50% of service total is due
  • 2-6 days notice: 20% of service total is due
  • 7+ days notice: 0% of service total is due

-Holiday cancellation: for services booked on or that include holiday dates will not be credited unless a minimum of 2 weeks notice is given

Dog Walking clients: cancellations for dog walks must be made by Saturday at 9:00 pm CT for services scheduled for the upcoming week. Credit not given for late cancellations. We offer one free skip per month.

-No refunds given, full or partial credit will be added to your account for use on future services.


Holiday Fee: $2.50 per visit (New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Easter, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day only)

Last Minute Booking Fee: $3.00 per visit for services booked with less than 3 days notice

Key Pick Up/Drop Off: Free pick up at consultation. Key return or pick up for future services charged at $10 per trip

Key Copy Service:  If only one key copy is provided to us, we will make a second copy for use during services for a fee of $10

Supply Pick Up: If you or your pets require additional medications, cleaning supplies, food etc. while you are away our staff will purchase these additional supplies to be reimbursed by client upon return and at a cost of an additional $20 per hour fee.


-We require 2 key copies for all pet sitting and dog walking services. One key copy will be used by our sitters while the other will remain in our office safe. If you use a garage code or other keyless entry methods, we still require one hard key copy to provide services in case of mechanical or electrical failure.

-Keys can be kept on file free of charge in between services. All keys are kept locked in a secure office safe and each key is only labeled with a randomized code that only company staff can link to you and your property.

-If you do not want keys to be kept on file we can return them to you at your request by using a key lock box or by dropping off the key ($10 key drop off fee).

-For clients that do not want to keep keys on file or have key copy restrictions due to property/apartment management can use a key lock box. Contact us for more information including our lock box rental program.

-We cannot return keys by hiding them outside (security risk), locking them inside (safety risk as pets cannot be accessed if you are delayed) or mailed (address is on the mailer, security risk)

-Please notify us if anyone else has keys or access to your property other than our staff while you are away.

Vaccinations/Pet Health

-We require that all dogs and cats be vaccinated at a minimum for rabies. We require a copy of their vaccination record to be kept on file with us.

-We highly encourage you get your pet fully vaccinated to prevent the spread of disease and to reduce hassle if your pet has to be boarded or seen by a veterinarian while in our care.

-All pets must be free from contagious or communicable diseases/infections. Pets with these conditions are not eligible for our services. Please notify us in writing of any concerns you have regarding your pet's health prior to the start of services.

Pet Temperament

We are unable to provide care to aggressive pets or pets that have bitten a human. Our staff is used to working with pets with many different temperaments and able to accommodate many needs but for insurance and safety purposes we cannot care for aggressive pets.


Pet Sitting Policies

-We require a minimum of one 20 minute visit for all pets other than fish, hamsters and other small pets during each 24 hour period.

Dogs without outside access or that are trained to use puppy pads must have a minimum of two, 20 minute visits in a 24 hour period.
-We do not do every other day cat sitting visits, daily visits are required.

-If a third party is also providing care concurrently with us, we are not responsible for any damages or negligences to your house, property or pets.

-We do not guarantee exact visit times. Instead, we book in two hour increments (i.e. 2-4 pm). Pets with special needs or time sensitive medications will be given priority and special consideration as needed.

-Our staff are able to administer all medication types. Please notify management prior to services if your pets require medication so that we can obtain the necessary information and have you sign a waiver.

-During extreme weather (hot or cold) we reserve the right to alter the service type to preserve the safety of your pets and our employees. You will be notified immediately of any schedule changes.

-All pets must be kept on a leash when outside of your home or a secured yard. Wireless fences are given special consideration but require that you sign a waiver.

-We do not use flexi-leads or extendable leashes on dogs over 15 pounds and we recommend the use of a harness. All collars must have identifying tags with attached rabies tags and fit snugly around the pet's neck

-Pet sitting services are provided between the hours of 6 am - 8 pm. Holiday hours or other busy times may have extended hours.

Dog Walking Policies

-Schedule changes for dog walking services must be made no later than 9:00 PM CT on the Saturday prior to the requested change.

-Late cancellations will not be credited. We do offer one free skip per month.

-If you desire to permanently or semi-permanently cancel dog walking services, please provide us with a minimum of fourteen days notice to avoid being charged for these visits.

-Dog walking services are provided from 11 am - 3 pm, Monday through Friday. Services scheduled outside of these times are considered pet sitting visits and will be billed accordingly.

-During extreme weather (hot or cold) we reserve the right to alter the service type to preserve the safety of your pets and our employees.  You will be notified immediately of any schedule changes.

-All dogs will be exercised on a leash when they are outside and not in a fully enclosed, fenced in yard. Exceptions can be made in the case of puppies or the use of an invisible fence by signing a waiver.

-We do not use flexi-leads or extendable leashes on dogs over 15 pounds and we recommend the use of a harness. All collars must have identifying tags with attached rabies tags and fit snugly around the pet's neck.

Pet Waste Removal Policies

-Pet waste removal service are performed between 7 am - 6 pm.

-Invoices are sent on the 15th of each month for the next month's service. Payment is due by the 5th to avoid service cancellation and late fee.

-Client must notify us if at any time a dog in their current possession showed aggression or aversion towards people or pets. All aggressive pets must be kept confined away from our staff during services. If an aggressive pet is not kept confined and our staff is unable to perform the service as a result, the client is still charged for that service.

-All dogs on the premises must be kept up to date on their rabies vaccination.

-We offer a 100% guarantee on our services. If you are not happy with the cleanliness of the service, notify us within 24 hours and we will rectify the situation.

-It is the client's responsibility to ensure that all areas to be serviced by our staff are accessible prior to the start of services.

-Lawn should be kept at a reasonable height and free of debris. If pet waste is missed as a result of high grass or debris, we will charge the normal rate to return and clean it.

-Client must notify Sitting Pretty LLC fourteen days prior to the desired service end date. If only a single visit will be missed, please provide us with a minimum of 24 hours notice to avoid being charged for the visit

Pet Taxi Policies

-It is the responsibility of the client to provide us with the dates, times and exact locations for pet taxi pick up and drop off services. Client is liable for any and all damages that pet causes on or in the sitters vehicle.

-All pets are restrained during transport by either using a pet safety seat belt or crate.

-Pets must be free from fleas, ticks and other external and internal parasites. If pet is found to have these pests, the client is responsible for the cost of treating the sitter's vehicle to remove these pests.

-Our staff will not pay for any fees on behalf of the client at the groomer or veterinarian. It is the client's responsibility to set up payment with these parties.

-During transportation your pet will  not be subject to loud music or extreme temperatures. The air conditioning will be turned on when the outside temperature is above 65 F. Your pet will never be left alone in the vehicle.

Pet Pictures

-We take pictures of your pets during each visit so they can be included in the visit update. Photos are promptly deleted from the sitter's phone.

-We use photos of our client's pets on social media and in advertising, if you do not want us to use your pet's photo in this manner, indicate so on your service agreement. Personal or property identifying information is never included in the photos.

Pet Camera/Surveillance Camera Use

Surveillance cameras or webcams may be used for your personal use only during service provision by Sitting Pretty LLC. Cameras may not be set up in any bathroom or bedroom that may be used by our sitters (overnight care) and all footage may not be published or distributed in any way.