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Professional and Caring Pet Sitting, Dog Walking and Pet Waste Removal Services In Auburn/Opelika Alabama

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We ask that you call, text or email us to let us know that you are safely back at home. You will find that we left behind an invoice (if the bill hasn't been paid in full), treats for your pets and any additional notes that may be relative. On our last visit we clean the areas around your pet's litter box, feed bowls and any other areas they have access to that may have become dirty while you were gone. If you notice that your pet's living areas do not look the same or better than before you left, contact us immediately. For pet waste removal clients, if you notice that your yard has not been completely cleaned or are unsatisfied in any way, contact us and we will return within 24 hours to redo the service. 

We will provide our services as agreed upon and send you updates by email after every visit that contains care notes, a picture of your pet(s), and GPS check in/out coordinates on a map to show we were at your house and for how long. If at any time you would like to talk with us in person about how your pets are doing, feel free to call us anytime! For pet waste removal clients, you will also receive an email but it will only include notes detailing that days service and GPS check in. 

A few days before you leave and we start providing our services, we will contact you by phone or email to again confirm the dates of your absence and let you know you will receive email updates after every visit. 

During the meet and greet you have the opportunity to reserve the dates that you will need our services, we will then send you a confirmation email with the exact dates and times and once you confirm this information is correct, we will add the visits to our calendar and send you an invoice. Alternatively, if you meet with us  before you need our services you can contact us at any time in the future to schedule our services. 

For pet sitting and dog walking clients, during this meeting we get to know you and your pets. We tour your home and learn where litter boxes, food bowls, leashes and other pet related items are and what times of the day your pets need care. At this time we also go over paperwork, pick up two (2) copies of your house key, take note of your emergency contacts information and other details. For pet waste removal clients, during this meeting we will survey the parts of your property that we will cover and discuss with you the frequency that we will service your yard.

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‚ÄčDuring this initial conversation we will answer any questions you may have and then take a brief history of you and your pets. At this point we will also schedule a time to meet to go over paperwork and so we can meet your pets and learn about their needs. 

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